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Frequently asked questions

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Safer Futures SATAS

1. What is therapeutic work?

We use creative techniques such as painting, puppets, crafts etc… to help children work through their feelings and any worries they may have. This makes the time together fun as well as working through some serious stuff.

2. Is it safe?

We try to help children feel safe by ensuring they have control over what happens in the sessions and by giving them and their carer contact numbers in case anything happened they don’t feel comfortable with. All staff are professionally qualified and CRB checked by the police every three years.

3. How long does the work last?

As long as the child needs. For some children this may be a few weeks, for others it can be a lot longer. The child and worker agree a number of sessions (usually between 6 and 10) and then after each set of session they plan more if needed.

4. Can anyone make a referral?

We take referrals for individual work with children and young people in the North West from any professional.

5. Who can ask for a consultation?

Any professional can ask for a consultation in relation to a child they have concerns about. We can also offer arms length consultation to professionals further afield.

6. What is a consultation?

We provide support, advice or assistance to professionals who are working with the issues of sexual abuse or sexualised behaviours. A consultation may be a telephone call or a meeting. I may be a single occurrence or it may be ongoing support for a piece of work. We may also provide resources and materials.

7. Can a family/child self refer?

No – we only take referrals from professionals at this point in time.