Barnardo's R-U-Safe?

Buckinghamshire’s R-U-Safe CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and Missing service works with children and young people aged 11-18 years old, providing specialist CSE and Missing focussed support across the county. We were founded in 2006 following a CSE scoping exercise commissioned by Bucks County Council. Since then, we have been influential in developing the local response to CSE in Buckinghamshire and now form part of the local statutory response, the Swan Unit. Our model is research-led and based on the Barnardo’s 4-A’s model – Attention, Advocacy, Assertive outreach, Access. All our staff are trained to adopt a neuro-sequential approach, using an understanding of teenage brain development to inform our interventions.

Our service provides:

•Direct, one-to-one support to young people at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

•Counselling for open clients

•Informal, independent follow up to Police Safe and Well Checks - ‘Return Interviews’

•County wide, targeted prevention work within schools across the county

•Awareness raising to professionals and young people

Our most recent accolades include:

•Outstanding inspection status given by CAIU (independent Corporate Auditing Inspection Unit) in 2016

•2015 National Working Group 'Unsung Heroes Award' nomination

Risk Indicators that a child is being sexually exploited include:

•Disclosures of older boyfriends/girlfriends

•Association with other young people known to be at risk of CSE

•Gang affiliation

•Receiving gifts, drugs and money from unknown or known sources

•Going missing and truanting

•Coercive relationships

•Chatting to unknown people on social networking sites

We can work with young people residents in Buckinghamshire or children under Bucks Social Care, just beyond county borders. For those outside of Buckinghamshire, we will enlist other Barnardo’s CSE and Missing services who may be available to support.

For more details about our service, or for consultation, please contact us