Ravensdale Project

Barnardo's Ravensdale Project

picture of child playing with cornflour

Barnardo’s Ravensdale Project is a day care centre for children with special needs aged between 2 and 11 years. Services include a nursery education group, a playgroup, holiday playschemes and Early Bird programme.

Children who are offered these services are recognised as having special educational needs as defined by the 1993 Education Act or are deemed to be 'in need' under the Children’s Act 1989. Ravensdale uses High/Scope as a curriculum model. This is a quality approach to children’s learning, recognising the uniqueness of each child and developing their self confidence.

The project aims to provide a secure, stimulating and active learning environment for children and families and a place where they can feel welcome and safe.

The project works in partnership with Kent County Council Education and Social Services Departments.

The latest Ofsted inspection report can be found here.