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Barnardo's Innovation Fund

Creating change for children

Our expert frontline staff are often first to identify emerging social issues and speak out on behalf of children without a voice who need our help. It’s vital we can respond quickly to their needs and provide new or enhanced services to give children the best possible support to realise their potential.

But much of the funding we receive is restricted or inflexible, meaning we have to delay this urgent work until we can find funding – which can often take up to a year or more.

The Innovation Fund has been created to provide vital funding to fast-track innovative services that will ensure we can get help to children who need it and maintain excellence in our frontline work.

Start-up funding from Innovation Fund donors will also enable us to demonstrate the impact of our work and find funding to sustain it in years to come.


There are two ways to pledge your support:

•  Donate to our seed fund – we ask that supporters make a suggested £5,000 annual contribution, which will be allocated to a project on your behalf

•  Fully fund a pilot project – some of the projects awaiting funding require more significant investment – your support can get them off the ground

Showing the Impact of your gift

You’ll receive an annual impact report at the end of each financial year, highlighting each of the projects supported by the fund.

You’ll also be invited to meet frontline staff from projects supported by the Innovation Fund and learn about their reach and impact.

Please join us and invest in children today

Your support can help us pioneer new ways of supporting the most vulnerable children in our society. Together, we can ensure that those going through some of the toughest times in their lives have a voice, and get the best-possible support to move forward and realise their potential.

For more information or to support the Innovation Fund call 0208 498 7892 or e-mail  

Case Study: Making the Most of Your Money

Many of the disadvantaged young people and families we work with struggle to manage their money in very difficult circumstances. Young people leaving care, for example, can often find themselves living alone at 18 with limited support and a budget of less than £60 a week for food, bills and travel.

Thanks to a generous donor, we have been able to launch an innovative new service to stop young people and families falling into financial difficulties. Through tailored 1:1 and group sessions across London our team offers practical tools, advice, and support to those facing – or at risk of – financial hardship across the capital.

Not only does this help attendees avoid debt and equip themselves to manage their finances, it also adds huge value to our existing Barnardo’s services and frees up our specialist project workers to focus on giving more intensive emotional and practical support to those in greatest need.

'Some time ago I was chatting with a member of Barnardo's staff and running through the different areas that my donations could be focused on. The one that stood out for me was the money management program. It struck me that this is a key skill that everyone needs in the modern world. An understanding of how to avoid the vicious cycle of debt that payday lenders make too easy to fall into will improve the life of everyone that Barnardo’s is able to help.'

– Angel Investor and founding funder of Barnardo’s Making the Most of Your Money service