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All service users are given the opportunity to give feedback on their view of the outcome of their work with Barnardo's NOVA project. Below are just some of the comments we have received back:

Everything is going great now. No problem going to the shop now at all, no nightmares, no flashbacks.
12 year old male

(He) has come out of himself a lot more and is a lot happier now.
Mother of above.

I'm like a new woman, the whole thing has been very beneficial, now the past is less upsetting…the important thing is that I can employ the relaxation whenever I want to. The nightmares are gone and I enjoy going to bed knowing I will have a good night's sleep.
70-year-old grandmother

I don't know what you did to him, but it seems to have worked.
Mother, about her 16 year old son

In October 2001, the project hosted a conference entitled When Living Hurts, focusing on anxiety, depression and trauma. The target audience was victims and their relatives. It was presented by the Human Givens Institute, with some input from Barnardo's NOVA project. Participants were asked to complete evaluation sheets at the end. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many requests for further similar events.Some comments included:


A very worthwhile conference. Very educational day. An understanding of depression and trauma.

It has opened my mind as to just how simple it is to help people that we come in contact with, the simple steps that one can take even in ones own life to counter or reduce stress etc.

This conference has given me the insight to re-evaluate ideas I have had about the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Just to say thank you to speakers and their wonderful approach to people. There was no medical jargon which made it very enjoyable throughout the day.

We value the feedback we get from our service users. The above are just a few comments from the many we have received.