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Quotes from our supporters

I am pleased to sign the North East Declaration on Child Poverty, though I very much regret that it is still necessary to do so. Child Poverty is not only a blight on the lives of the children and their families so directly affected but on all of us in a society where every child should be able to fulfil their God given potential - Bishop Martin Wharton of Newcastle

Young people form a key part of our customer base and, in more ways than one, represent the future of our region. It is essential that our young people, and their parents, are able to access opportunities for education, health, leisure, employment and social contact. From ensuring easy access for baby buggies to providing cheap travel for all those under 18 Go North East strives to recognise its responsibilities to families and children. Mobility is a critical part of avoiding poverty and buses are essential in providing mobility for many families. We are proud to commit to reducing child poverty in North East England. - Peter Huntley, Managing Director, GO North East

It seems so unfair and so unnecessary in this day and age and in this wealthy country that there should still be children living in poverty. Everybody deserves to grow up happy and healthy; everybody deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential. We must fight to end child poverty!  John Grundy (Historian)

A civilised society can be defined by how it looks after its weakest members.  In the  21st century we should be proud of how we enable every member of our society to achieve to their fullest capacity and thereby contribute wholeheartedly in return.  Tackling child poverty is a responsibility of business as well as the state and the third sector.  We must contribute wherever we can. - James Ramsbotham, Chief Executive, North East Chamber of Commerce

It is important that children and older adults share contact and experience, so that they can form mutual understanding and respect. Age Concern is committed to providing opportunities for younger and older people to join intergenerational projects in schools and other community settings. Age Concern believes that all children deserve an equal chance. - Alan Gerono, Head of Customer Services & Development, Age Concern North Tyneside

As a GP working in Easington and Peterlee within an established local practice I am very aware of the impact which family poverty has on the health and life chances of local children.  As a practice we must pull out all the stops to make sure that all the children within our practice receive all those preventive measures which establishes their health on a sound footing. - Dr Hugh Thomas, Sunderland

The North East suffers from some of the worst levels of unemployment in the country. Unemployment creates not only a debilitating economic poverty for families and individuals, but also a malaise of lost ambition and any thought of a future which could be different. If our region is to move forward, it is vitally important that we tackle both tangible poverty and, what could be called, the poverty of aspiration. Leon Mexter, Chief Executive, Regional Youth Work Unit

Family poverty robs children of the opportunity to achieve their optimal health and the impact of poverty on lives continues through generational cycles of disadvantage. If we are to improve the health of people in the North East in the long term and reduce the evident and current inequalities we must focus efforts on improving the determinants of health of the younger generation, which includes most fundamentally resources within the family. With this focus it is easy to see how different agencies and individuals can make a difference. Dr Stephen Singleton, Regional Director of Public Health

The Cyrenians fully supports the North East Declaration on Child Poverty, As an organisation that works with some of the most vulnerable and deprived people in the region, providing them with accommodation and helping them to overcome personal issues and problems are essential first steps. Above all our experience of moving people into employment shows that work is not only good for them and their families but is the best protection against long term poverty. Stephen Bell, CEO, The Cyrenians

Every child matters and needs to be given a voice.  Despite all their energy and potential so many youngsters in the NE live their lives in poverty and on the margins of society.  This conference is all about letting them speak, to the NE, to the UK and to Europe.  The young people of the NE have so much to contribute to the world - if only we would give them the chance. - Canon Dr Gary Wilton, Church of England Representative to the EU & Canon of Holy Trinity , Brussels

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