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Involving families and young people

Effective participation is based upon respecting and valuing children, young people and parents in our society and the contributions they can make. It means taking involvement further by involving children, young people and parents in shared decision making that leads to real change.

It’s a chance to put their ideas for a better world into practice.

  • It provides learning opportunities and empowers individuals and groups
  • It promotes democracy and works towards social change
  • It provides opportunities for services to improve based on what their communities or service users want, and brings the decision-maker closer to the person the decision affects
  • It promotes equality and diversity and inclusion. When people are wanted and valued, feel they belong, they perform well. It’s simple – health, wellbeing, safety and environment all improve.

The voices of those children, young people and families living in poverty are some of the hardest to hear and respond to. It can be quite uncomfortable to hear the experiences of children, young people and families living in poverty and we hope that The North East Child Poverty Declaration will provide an opportunity for them to speak out and for everyone to listen to their stories.

North East Youth Network

Developed by the Regional Youth Work Unit North East (RYWU-NE), the North East Youth Network (NEYN) is a forum that brings young people together from different projects from around the region and enables them to share experiences, ideas, actions and opportunities.

We believe that the North East Youth Network provides a unique and innovative way of bringing young people together on a regional basis that will build on their skills, confidence and self-esteem to empower them to speak out about what’s important to them as a representative regional voice.

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