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The Child Poverty Act

There is significant movement of families in and out of poverty. Whilst the majority of poor children live in a working household, lone parent families, some ethnic minority groups and families with disabled children are at a higher risk.  

Reducing child poverty is about transforming the experiences, living standards and life chances of disadvantaged families with children in order to break the cycle of poverty.There is a legal duty to co-operate in the implementation of the Child Poverty Act which received Royal Ascent in March 2010. This has a two stranded approach: to maximize family income primarily through employment but also through benefits uptake; and to support families and mitigate the impact of growing up in poverty.

For further information read The Child Poverty Act.

For the full report: Ending child poverty; mapping the route to 2010.

More information about child poverty

For more information on the impact of poverty on children’s health you can read:

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