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Background to the declaration

In 2008 a coalition of organisations came together in North East England to tackle one of the most critical areas of concern in the region. It was clear that the region’s performance in the field of child poverty was lagging behind the rest of the country and that critical aspects of children’s lives needed to be addressed as a matter of some urgency.

Child poverty in the North East

Children in the North East are not being given an equal chance. The coalition – the Regional Advisory Group – has coordinated many activities to tackle child poverty.

In 2010-11 the Group’s central aim is to widen public understanding of the problem and encourage more positive action by individuals and organisations of every type. The aim will be realised through a campaign to secure the backing of organisations and individuals to a North East Declaration on Child Poverty. The Declaration will be promoted in the media and it is linked to more information about child poverty and how it can be addressed in simple, practical ways.

Barnardo's role

Barnardo’s North East has agreed to manage the campaign and to be the central repository of information. Several other RAG partners and stakeholders have agreed to give their support to run the campaign.

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