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Barnardo's and the North East
Child Poverty Declaration

Barnardo’s North East is proud to be hosting the North East Poverty Declaration website.

Barnardo’s North East has agreed to manage the campaign and to be the central repository of information. Several others of the coalition of partners and stakeholders which makes up the Regional Advisory Group have also agreed to give their support to run the campaign.

Child poverty is everyone's business

You can make a difference to children living in poverty in the North East.

You don't need to give money

You do need to do three things, right now.

  1. Find out what child poverty means.
  2. Be inspired - learn how other people, businesses and organisations are already making a difference.
  3. Show your commitment.

It's an easy way to make a start.

The North East suffers from some of the worst levels of unemployment in the country.  Unemployment creates not only a debilitating economic poverty for families and individuals, but also a malaise of lost ambition and any thought of a future which could be different.  If our region is to move forward, it is vitally important that we tackle both tangible poverty and, what could be called, the poverty of aspiration. - Leon Mexter, Chief Executive, Regional Youth Work Unit

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