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Vital viewing: BBC1’s Three Girls

Release Date: 16 May 2017

Barnardo's Chief Executive Javed Khan has written in the Huff Post about how new BBC1 drama Three Girls is disturbing but essential viewing.

As you peruse the TV listings, wondering what to watch this week, make a decision to challenge yourself.

It’s understandable that, after a long day, the dramatisation of the true story of young girls who were systematically groomed and abused by an organised gang of men - and the catastrophic failures of the agencies who were supposed to help them - might not be your idea of something to unwind to.

But, although BBC1’s new drama Three Girls is confronting, it’s absolutely vital viewing. It tells the story of three of the 47 children who were victims of the grooming and sex trafficking scandal in Rochdale.

We need to remember and learn from the mistakes of the past to ensure they are not repeated. This kind of institutional neglect of a whole sector of society must never happen again and we need programmes like Three Girls to remind us.

Continue reading Javed’s full blog on Huff Post and don’t forget to tune in at 9pm tonight (Tuesday), tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday this week.

Follow the discussion on Twitter using #ThreeGirls.

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