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Dads struggle with home and work life, suggests Barnardo’s survey

Release Date: 15 Jun 2017

Just over a quarter (26%) of children aged 6 – 15 who live with their dad and usually see them during the week are spending two hours or less with them on weekdays, reveals new figures for Barnardo’s just before Father’s Day.

The survey of six to 15 year olds for the UK’s leading children’s charity shows nearly six in 10 children surveyed (59%) don’t usually have breakfast with their dads on a week day and just over three quarters (76%) aren’t usually picked up from school by them.

Meanwhile, one in four (25 per cent) of dads are not usually at home when their children wake up in the mornings, and 15 per cent are not usually there when their children go to bed.  

The YouGov survey (1) of nearly 1,000 children from across Great Britain who live with their dad or step-dad, disclosed that nearly half of children (47 per cent) said they do not usually do their homework with their dad in their free time, and almost six in ten (57 per cent) children do not usually talk to their dads about problems they might have in their free time.

And when it comes to what they would enjoy doing with their dads, almost seven in ten (68%) cited outings such as the cinema, sports matches or bowling, while 68% just want to watch TV and 46% play sports and talk to them about their interests.

The results support calls by Barnardo’s for the new Government to ensure there is equality in the workplace so dads are able to spend more quality time with their children.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan, said:

It is vital more is done to ensure dads and also mums are able to balance their home and work life.

It’s essential the Government addresses this issue urgently and works with employers across the country to change attitudes in the workplace.

To find out more about Barnardo’s and services available to families and dads, please visit our website.

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