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Barnardo's responds to Home Secretary's speech

Release Date: 02 Oct 2018

Barnardo’s has responded to the Home Secretary’s speech in which he announced a 200m endowment fund to tackle young people at risk of starting a life of crime, and also the need for various agencies to tackle serious violence together

Javed Khan, Barnardo’s Chief Executive said:

We welcome the £200 million endowment fund, to  target young people at risk of starting a life of crime and violence. Our services have growing concerns about a rise in child criminal exploitation, often linked to gangs, drugs, serious violence and sexual abuse. Nearly 60 per cent of Barnardo’s service managers surveyed described supporting a young person involved in crime in the past year – and nearly three-quarters of those thought the young person had been coerced, controlled, deceived or manipulated by others into that criminal activity.

We need a long-term strategic approach at all levels, by the government, local councils, NHS trusts, charities like Barnardo’s, and most importantly within communities, enabling at-risk young people to change their behaviour and break the tragic cycle of violence.

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