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Barnardo's criticises 'Shower with Your Dad' game

Release Date: 08 Jan 2018

Following media reports of a computer game called ‘Shower With Your Dad’ which could be seen as trivialising child abuse or normalising paedophilia, Barnardo’s has released the following statement.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said:

Virtual games that may depict or encourage paedophiles have no place in our society. It’s vital parents speak to children about what they’re doing online, and that its made much easier to prevent children downloading these tasteless and potentially risky games.

New age-appropriate lessons on relationships and sex education in all England schools from next year will help children understand what content is safe and what they should avoid.

Following these guidelines can help parents keep their children safe online:

  • Place computers in shared spaces where everyone can see what is being viewed
  • Take an interest in internet use; talk to young people about what they've seen
  • Monitor time spent online to ensure it does not become excessive
  • Educate young people to use apps and websites sensibly
  • Help young people to become critical users; " this information true?"
  • Warn young people about unsavoury sites and discuss the issues involved
  • Contact the Internet Watch Foundation ( if anyone finds any material you believe to be illegal
  • Compile lists of safe sites
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