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Barnardo’s responds to Google and YouTube crackdown on online content that endangers children

Release Date: 05 Dec 2017

Barnardo’s has responded to an announcement by tech giant Google to introduce tougher measures to tackle YouTube content that could pose a danger to children.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said;

At Barnardos we understand how vital the online world is to children, but how the risks can damage their childhood. We have long called for providers to step up their child safety features. We welcome news that YouTube will not only block sexual and inappropriate comments on videos featuring children, but will turn off all comments on videos of children where such a comment has appeared.

It is encouraging to hear that a transparency report in 2018 will reveal the scale and type of content flagged as inappropriate, although we would like YouTube to continue to boost their trusted flaggers numbers in line with community use.

We are very pleased young people who flag content will get their own personal dashboard that will update them on the progress as it is important for them to know they are being taken seriously. Combined with the use of technological solutions to pick up and prevent inappropriate comments, these are meaningful steps in recognising the impact of the online world on children’s lives.

It is vital we all work together to keep children safe online. We would urge all social media companies to put children’s safety at the centre of their work and provide transparency and accountability for child safety online.

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