New Directions

In their words

Comments made by some of the young people include:

It made me realise that there are other ways to deal with things instead of violence.

Helped get me to make decisions about not re-offending.

The New Directions Project helped me a lot with my offending and my temper if I didn’t attend the project I don’t know where I would be today.  Thanks to all who helped me, especially C.

Comments made by parents/carers are as follows:

Helped my youngster to become a normal kid again.

I’ve a lot to thank Barnardo's for.

I’m glad there’s a project like this.

Comments made by professionals included:

Significant reduction in offending. Involvement of project had significant benefits for both young person and family A social worker

More positive outlook to future and options for the future Community psychiatric nurse

Very good service suited to young folk Criminal justice social worker

Communication from the project worker was excellent A social worker