New Directions

How we can help

A referral can be made by social workers in childcare, youth justice, criminal justice and Grampian Police.

The referral criteria is as follows:

  • young people from 12 – 17 years of age, with five or more episodes of offending over the last 12 months
  • young people at risk of secure accommodation or custody due to serious offending behaviour
  • young people with 10 or more episodes of offending overall
  • young people who have been charged with ‘serious offences’.

Once a referral has been accepted the following procedure is adhered to:

  • the project worker will meet with the young person, parent or carer (where under 16 years) and the referrer
  • at that meeting agreement will be sought regarding the work undertaken and possible timescales
  • all young people who agree to work with the project will be required to sign a consent form - without this, work with the project will not be able to be undertaken
  • a full and detailed list of all criminal behaviour will be provided by Grampian Police and access to social work records will be made available
  • on completion of assessment, a range of specialist interventions focusing on the young people’s substance misuse, can be carried out by our substance misuse project worker if appropriate.