New Directions

Frequently asked questions

New Directions Service:

Q. How often will you see my son or daughter?

A. Your child will be expected to attend two weekly appointments, each lasting for approximately one hour.

Q. Where will this take place?

A. At least one appointment will be based at the office to allow planned work to be undertaken.  The other will be activity based and may be outwith the building depending on the activity.

Q. Am I expected to transport my son/daughter?

A. Project workers are able to provide transport. However, the young person will be encouraged to make their own way to the project wherever possible.

Q. How can I help support my son/daughter?

A. You can actively encourage your child to attend meetings with their project worker and you can tell us about any concerns that you may have about your child. You can also attend assessment and progress meetings.

Q. If I am unhappy about the service who should I speak to?

A. Your son or daughter’s project worker. You can also contact the Children's Services Manager.

The Source Service:

Q. Do I have to make my own way to appointments?

A The Young People's Drug and Alcohol Worker can pick you up, meet you somewhere or you can come to the office for appointments.  This will depend on what you feel would be most helpful.

Q. How long will appointments last for and what will we actually do in the appointments?

A. This will depend on your needs.  Appointments usually last for one hour and we meet twice a week.  During our appointments there could be a variety of things to discuss depending on what is best for you.

Q. What happens if I don't want to come to an appointment?

A. The service is totally voluntary and if you decide you don't want to continue working with the Project Worker, then you will not be forced or punished.