Moving On

Barnardo's Moving On Project

At Barnardo’s, we believe in young people and children regardless of their circumstances, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or behaviour. We will support them, stand up for them and bring out the best in each and every young person and child.

The work we do enables us to transform the lives of vulnerable young people and children. We provide support to enable young people and children to develop independent living skills and confidence so that they are able to live autonomous and fulfilling lives.  

We provide supported accommodation for young people aged 16 – 21, however also up to 25 in certain circumstances. These services are open to children in care and to young people who are leaving care who are not quite ready to live independently. These services are also open to young people that are facing homelessness or in unsuitable accommodation.

An estimated 200,000 young people experience homelessness each year.
Many of these young people are fleeing violence and abuse.
Many homeless young people do not have support networks and are impacted on by isolation and family breakdown.

Young people are now the most likely group to be living in poverty and account for nearly half of all people that are living in homeless accommodation.  Young people face real challenges with being able to access affordable and appropriate housing, they have been adversely impacted by changes to the welfare system and in the past 5 years; services for young people have been significantly reduced.  

Despite being homeless, large proportions of young people (65%) are studying, employed or on a work/apprenticeship scheme, including 22% of young people in paid employment.

We offer a range of services to young people in housing need and who are at risk of re-offending. Many of our projects have been developed in partnership with other local groups working with young people. Our partners include:

  • Lancaster City Council Housing Advice Team
  • Preston City Council Housing Advisory Service
  • Fylde Borough Council Homelessness and Housing Advice Service
  • Wyre Borough Council Housing Options Team
  • Lancashire Young Homeless Project
  • Lancashire Children's Social Care
  • The Foxton Centre
  • Young Addaction
  • University of Central Lancashire

We also contribute to a number of local and national forums, including:

  • Depaul UK
  • North West Supported Lodgings Forum
  • Preston Homeless Forum
  • Lancaster District Young People's Homelessness Forum
  • Greater Together