Southampton Miss U
Teenage boy sitting outside block of flats

The Miss-U Service offers support and information to young people under the age of 18 who go missing.

When information has been received from the Hampshire police that a young person has been reported missing we contact the young person and the parents/carers to inform them that we will be arranging a visit and initial assessment.

Once an assessment to determine whether the young person needs some extra support has been made we then work with the young person and aim to reduce the of missing episdoes.

The service works with the young person to prevent placement/home breakdown and reduce the risk of young people becoming subject to child sexual exploitation and/or crime related issues. There is also a Southampton and Portsmouth U-Turn service to support young people under the age of 18 at risk of or being sexually exploited - see the U-Turn website for details.

We will work together with the young person to understand why they go missing and ensure timely, appropriate and direct support is put in place. Overall the aim is to reduce the number of missing episodes and minimise the risks to those who do go missing.