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Speech and Language

SaLT - Speech and Language Therapy

What is it?

Speech and Language Therapy can be lots of different things. We start with an assessment to figure out what we should work on, and so we can get to know each other. The assessment can be interesting and fun, and we often play games to give your brain a break, too!

SaLT at Meadows isn’t usually about the way you pronounce words (some people work on that in SaLT when they’re younger). It’s about understanding complex (difficult) language and instructions; problem-solving using language; learning new vocabulary (words); managing emotions and stress; and being able to communicate well with friends, family, teachers and new people.

All of this can help you with your learning, and in your everyday life.

There is no writing involved – it’s all about verbal communication (that means talking), and non-verbal communication (like body language and tone of voice).

What will I get out of it?

You will gain more tools to help you to be even better at communicating, which is something we do all day every day!


When will I go?

You will go to SaLT for one lesson a week, usually for one or two half terms, then possibly again after a short or longer break.

Students can usually nominate a class to be excused from for the duration of their block of SaLT sessions (so you might get a bit of a break from a subject that isn’t your favourite!)

Where is it?

It takes place in Choices Room, or in Broomfield House.

Who will be there?

Usually just you, and the Speech and Language Therapist, Emma-Joy. Occasionally, with your agreement, we might work in small groups of students, or a TA or person on work experience might come along.

How can I find out more?

Speak to Emma-Joy, Vaughan, Mrs Casswell, or your tutor if you would like to be involved in Speech and Language Therapy and you haven’t already been asked.