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School leavers

Young people often arrange to revisit the school to update staff on their progress after they have left.

There is a feedback form for former pupils which they are asked to fill in so records of their next steps can be kept. Members of staff also contact the young people regularly to find out how they are doing and offer further careers advice if appropriate.

School leaver case studies

Case study 1

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without Meadows. I wouldn’t have my family and I’d probably be in prison. I should’ve worked harder to get better GCSE results as employers do look, I’m stuck without as even need grades to retake GCSEs!” - A school leaver.
“Listen when someone says something. The advice staff give is for your benefit, don’t feel threatened. Staff care and still do when you leave they’re not in it just for the money.” - A school leaver.
“Looking back the school did a good job, couldn’t have done more. I’m in a perfect position with my life now.” - A school leaver.

Since leaving Meadows School 3 years ago, S has been employed full-time as a lifeguard at a local leisure centre. He now has responsibility for supervising all the lifeguards and has successfully completed several training courses such as ‘First Aid at Work’, ‘Child Protection’ and ‘Fire Safety’. He is hoping to be promoted to a Manager in the near future. When looking back at his time in Meadows School S said ‘at the time it didn’t seem good but looking back it was very good’. He says his life is in a perfect position now.

Case study 2

When I left Meadows School I went on to the BTEC First Diploma in Art and Design at Tower Hamlets College.  I am now in the second year of the BTEC National Diploma in Fine Arts at Westminster College.  I’m looking to go to university to study fine art or take a gap year first to earn some money.  I’m not sure at the moment whether I want to live at home or go away to university.  When I was at school I didn’t think about the bigger picture like outside school, college, what’s going to happen after school, positive and negative.  I’ve seen where I could’ve been.  You make your own mistakes.  I though I had to change this and had to make choices.

Case study 3

When I left school I went to a project where I lived and did catering.  I decided I didn’t like the kitchen environment and the long hours.  It took the enjoyment out of cooking and food – literally, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  They asked if I wanted to change courses but I decided not to.  When I left there I did scaffolding and tried phone sales.  I’m now employed in security in a variety of places, eg the O2 arena, Wembley.  I did a course to get the licence then got on the job training.  I’m hoping to train as medical staff in the next few months and have also applied to the British Transport Police.

School leaver destinations (2012)

NBCollege - Electrical Training
KNCollege - Mechanics Course
LDSeeking Employment
JPCollege - Construction Course
JKCollege - Food Prep
SLCollege - Media Course
BRCollege - IT Course
JTCollege - Mechanics Course





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Meadows 16+

Meadows 16+

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