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Residential facilities

Meadows School is able to cater for up to 20 boarding students during the school terms. They live in two residential properties that offer excellent accommodation, including:

  • single spacious bedrooms, some with ensuite facilities
  • a comfortable well furnished lounge
  • a games room
  • a dining room and kitchen.

Bradbury residential house is on the school site and caters for boys. The Pines girls’ only house is sited in Southborough.

Visit our virtual tour page to have a 360˚ view inside each of our residential houses

You can also download the brochures below for more information:

Download the Bradbury House Induction Brochure excerpt.pdf - please contact the school if you would like the entire document

Download The Pines Induction Brochure.pdf

Residential project workers

Both residential houses are staffed by five or six residential project workers (RPWs). Our  team leaders are qualified residential project workers as are other members of the residential teams; all other residential staff are trained or are in training to NVQ Level 3.

Both in the number of staff and the quality of provision we aim to provide your child with a service unmatched by other non-maintained residential special schools. Our RPWs work with parents, teachers and outside agencies as a team to ensure the best outcomes for the young people.

Each child is allocated a key worker

Our residential staff are experienced and well-trained workers who will provide individual help and support to students. This is done via the Key Worker system - when your child joins one of our houses he or she will be allocated a specific Key Worker whose task it will be to work with that student for the duration of their stay in the house. They will also be expected to work with parents/carers and to keep them informed of their child’s progress and any difficulties they might be facing. We are very aware that you have placed your child in our care and we will do all in our power to ensure your child is kept safe and that you are kept informed of their progress.

Homework and evening activities

After students have completed any homework set they can organise their evening.  This may include attending after-school clubs, individual clubs of their choice in the community or organising group trips to the cinema, swimming pool etc. Alternatively they may want to stay in the house and relax.

There is a stable, committed and highly skilled team of residential care staff. They form caring, supportive relationships with the young people' (Ofsted Care 2017)

Young people...enjoy the residential experience and are keen to become involved in the daily routines and activities provided' (Ofsted Care 2017)