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Day pupil facilities

A significant proportion of Meadows School students travel in daily from home. Day students are expected to arrive at school from 8:30am ready for the start of school at 9am. A ‘Breakfast Club’ provides drinks and toast, although this should not take the place of breakfast at home.


Every day student has their own key worker

All day students have a named key worker from the Day Pupil Support Team who will provide pastoral support and guidance both in and outside the classroom.

The key worker will also help create opportunities for students to pursue new experiences and improve their social and independence skills. These may include external courses, educational trips and independent travel training. If alternative transport can be arranged, day students can take part in after school clubs. There are also opportunities for residential trips.

For the last 3 years we have taken groups of Key Stage 3 Day students to La Chatelleraie in South West France. Run for children and young people, they offer a wide range of activities such as rafting, horse-riding and go-karting. Our pupils gain a lot of confidence from trying new things and experiencing a new culture. The day students also get the opportunity to participate in the annual Outward Bound trip to Wales.


Parental/carer involvement and links with other organisations

At Meadows we have high expectations of all the pupils and positive parental/carer involvement increases the chance of success. Parents and carers are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school. We regularly have activities and progress reviews to which parents and carers are invited. The key worker and class teacher will phone home regularly to give feedback on student progress and discuss education and welfare issues. Home visits are undertaken for all new students and regularly thereafter.

We actively seek to work in partnership with other agencies such as Social Services and CAMHs. An important part of this is to maintain and build links in student’s home areas so that they have a support network when they leave school. This includes visiting local colleges and where possible, undertaking work experience.

Comments from day pupils

The Day Team is somewhere to go when you don’t feel right and are worried and need to talk. They come to your house and help you. They talk to you and give advice. They help me understand why I get in trouble and how I can change it. They use the word ‘potential’ a lot, always saying I have it and should use it more, it’s good. When I do something bad they speak to my parents but they don’t phone about the little things, unlike my old school. We work it out in school instead. - Jamie, a day pupil.

When you’re annoyed you can go and talk to them. They listen and get on to it straightaway when I’m bullied. We go out to enjoy ourselves but also to talk and help us calm down. They help us through our struggles and when you’re in trouble they talk it through. If we disrespect them they will tell you, they’re always honest. - a day pupil.

We go on a trip to a chateau in France which is really cool. There’s a massive swimming pool, the rooms are big and we have our own bathrooms. The people are nice and treat us well. - a day pupil talking about La Chatelleraie.

Staff consistently treat young people with dignity and respect' (Ofsted Care 2017)