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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding

This funding is a special sum of money from the Government via Local Authorities. It is aimed at reducing inequalities between student groups. It can be given for Looked After Children, children who have been adopted from Local Authority care and children who are entitled to Free School Meals as well as Service Children.

Projects and interventions can be funded from this grant to help a range of students, including those who are entitled to this funding and some who are not. These projects can be supported with a mixture of pupil premium grant and money from the main school budget.

Schools have to publish information on how much pupil premium grant funding they receive and how they spend it.

Pupil Premium Funding


Proposed Provision


(LAC students/FSM)

1:1 support, additional courses and support

For 2015-16 the Pupil Premium amounts have not changed.

LAC students can expect £1900 per annum but this is devolved by the Local Authority and in usual circumstances is administered by the Virtual School belonging to the Local Authority the student is looked after to.

The amount of Pupil Premium that Meadows School students are entitled to for 2015-16 is potentially £11k, of which £1k has been received by the end of September 2015. Provision mapping is being developed for potentially eligible students and expenditure is likely to be focused on additional equipment, 1:1 support and additional targeted educational support.

'The needs of pupils entitled to support through pupil premium funding are exceptionally well met and most pupils make greater than expected progress' (Ofsted Education 2016)

Provision Map

Meadows School has a thorough 'Provision Map' which lists all the stages of the student 'Life-Cycle' and the areas of development which are covered and how students can be supported.

The Provision Map covers 'Cognition and Learning', 'Communication and Interaction', 'Behaviour, Emotional and Social development' and 'Sensory and/or Physical Medical Conditions'.

Please click on the link for the full Provision Map;

Provision Map February 2016.pdf