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Ofsted carry out two different types of inspection at Meadows School: Ofsted Care inspections and Ofsted Education inspections.

Download the latest Ofsted Care Report for Meadows School

February 2017 judged Meadows as 'Outstanding'

More information on the residential inspection can be found in the Meadows section of the Ofsted website.

Download the latest Ofsted Education Inspection report for Meadows School

October 2016 judged Meadows as 'Good'

More information on the education inspection can be found in the Meadows Education Section of the Ofsted website

Summary of the Ofsted Care report (2017)

The Ofsted Care inspections are carried out annually and they evaluate the residential provision and care.

Ofsted states that;

The school meets the national minimum standards for residential special schools.

Inspection activities included formal and informal discussions with residential pupils and joining pupils for meals. Discussions were held with the principal and the head of care (who is alsothe designated safeguarding lead person), school governors, members of care staff, teachers, the clinical psychologist and the school bursar. A telephone interview was undetaken with the governor who, until recently had responsiblity for the residential provision. Telephone discussions with parents and placing authority social workers were also undertaken.

The most recent Ofsted Care inspection took place on the 7th to the 9th February 2017. It judged the residential provision as 'outstanding' overall.

'Outstanding' is defined by Ofsted as meaning 'A school where the experiences and progress of children and young people consistently exceed the standard of good and result in sustained progress and achievement. The outcomes achieved by children and young people are outstanding, and the impact the boarding/residential provision has had in supporting this progress and achieving these outcomes is clearly evidenced'.

Quotes from the Ofsted Care report:

"The care that young people receive is sensitive to their identities and cultural needs"

"The views and feelings of young people are valued and respected"

"An innovative approach is taken to establishing young people's emotional resilience and psychological well-being"

"There is a stable, committed and highly skilled team of residential care staff. They form caring, supportive relationships with the young people"

"Young people were often observed to be supportive of each other and would offer encouragement to any of their peers who might be struggling"

Summary of the Ofsted Education report (2016)

The Ofsted Education inspections are carried out every three to five years and concentrate on the educational aspects, incorporating the Ofsted Care report views.

Ofsted states that ;

During the inspection, we visited classes across all key stages with you (the Principal) and other senior leaders.

We met with you (the Principal), other senior leaders (one of whom is the designated safeguarding lead), the special educational needs coordinator and five members of the governing body.

We also met with a group of staff who represented a breadth of roles within the school.

We scrutinised a range of pupils' work.

We took account of six responses to Ofsted's online questionnaire, Parent View and two parents' written comments. We also spoke to a parent at the start of the school day.

We met two groups of students formally and talked to them when in lessons. In addition, we considered 18 responses made on the online questionnaire specifically for pupils.

We took account of the 16 responses to the staff survey.

We spoke with an alternative provider to consider its views about the school.

The most recent Ofsted Education inspection took place on the 4th of Octobwer 2016. It found that the educational provision continues to be 'good'.

'Good' is defined by Ofsted as meaning 'A good school is effective in delivering outcomes that provide for all its pupils' needs. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment'.

Quotes from the Ofsted Education report:

'Your leadership has engendered a strong bond between staff, all of whom continually seek ways to improve the education pupils receive at the school'

'You and your staff make a significant difference to pupils' lives by working with them to develop positive feelings of self-worth and by providing them with the strategies and resilience to manage their own emotions more effectively'

'Pupils make good progress from their various starting points because the quality of teaching over time and effective communication between staff during transitions between key stages and year groups ensure that progress is built upon year on year'