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Mission and aims

Mission Statement

'Working in partnership to promote a positive future'

Aims of the School

  • to assist students in celebrating and respecting their ability, race, religion, colour, culture, gender, family network and community for life in a diverse society.
  • to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to include the National Curriculum, which encourages every student to acquire high standards of knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to adult life and the worlds of work and leisure.
  • to encourage each student to develop to their full potential.
  • to develop self-esteem and a good personal image yet be sensitive to the needs of others
  • to help each student to become a happy, independent, caring person, capable of making a contribution to both society and the community.

Download Meadows School's Mission Statement 2015 (pdf)


'(The Principal and the) staff make a significant difference to pupils' lives by working with them to develop positive feelings of self-worth and by providing them with the strategies and resilience to manage their own emotions more effectively' (Ofsted Education 2016)