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Every student at Meadows School studies Science. The aim of the Science department is to offer our students as wide as possible range of practical experiences. All students will study a range of topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics that relate to their life and their environment.

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) students study as many topics as possible of the National Key Stage 3 curriculum with a view to extend those topics in Key Stage 4. In our Science lesson we include as many interactive activities as possible as well as introducing our students to handle Science equipment carefully and to take part in practical Science investigations.

At Key Stage 4 (KS4) we continue with the KS3 approach, but in addition we guide students into study at Unit Award Level as well as at Entry Level. Most students are working towards the AQA Entry Level of Science, which follows the National KS4 curriculum. Additionally students have the option to further study Science in order to gain a GCSE Science with AQA.

The school has extensive grounds within which we have a nature trail, pond and vegetable garden. These are all currently under construction or renovation but, in time, these will provide valuable resources to supplement the teaching of the science curriculum.

science room

Students' learning is particularly strong in practical subjects such as science and ICT; most make rapid progress in these areas" Ofsted Education 2012