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We are lucky in the fact that Personal, Social, Health & Economics (PSHE) is valued at Meadows School and taught as a weekly lesson from Year 7 to Year 13. We cover some sensitive subjects; all topics are age appropriate following the government’s guidelines and the PSHE Association. There are seven core topics which are taught in units and accredited by examining body, AQA. A further five units are on offer for the enthusiastic learner.

The core topics include:

  • Personal Action Planning, which involves target setting, identifying positive things about themselves and planning for future achievements.
  • Drugs Awareness will give leaners knowledge around legal and illegal drugs and the negative effects on the holistic wellbeing of an individual, their family and friends, along with the laws that are in place when taking and supplying Illegal drugs.
  • Relationship and Sex Education is a compulsory topic covering physical and emotional changes in the body. We regularly have open discussions which eliminate myth from fact and discuss making informed and responsible choices in relationships and understanding consent. This topic covers the current laws on consent and online personal safety. We also cover the issue of sexual orientation and different types of relationships and Key Stage 4 have an opportunity to have a one to one meeting with a sexual health nurse.
  • Respecting Diversity explores differences and similarities between people, including cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity, gender and disability. Supporting and empowering young people to be confident in challenging racism, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Personal Safety covers road safety, online safety, child exploitation, drowning prevention and understanding radicalisation, encouraging personal awareness and responsibility.
  • Emotional Wellbeing educates learners on various mental health issues and challenges the stigma attached to these, encouraging young people to talk about and understand mental illness and providing information on where to go for help and support. This unit aims to improve understanding that mental wellbeing is as important as physical health.
  • Healthy Lifestyle explores the benefits of healthy eating on both physical and mental wellbeing. Also they will begin to understand the benefits of regular exercise and a good night’s sleep. Our learners will examine through research the negative effects of a poor diet on the body, little to no exercise and lack of sleep.  

Evelyn Daniels (PSHE co-ordinator) update April 2018