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Outdoor learning has now been introduced into the Meadows School curriculum and it involves all class groups from year 6 to year 11.

There are 19 acres of school grounds so being able to utilise this for Outdoor Learning adds great value to students, some of which is  woodland and grassland. The school  already has a few projects on the go such as:

The Allotment:

We are currently building an Allotment site in school. We have a raised bed area and  polytunnel and our own tool shed; the students have been involved with the building of these.

Our aims are to be able to firstly grow crops to use in our food technology lessons, and secondly to learn some life skills and provide a possible way into horticulture for students who have interests in these areas.

Wood and pond area:

We have cleared some of the undergrowth and raked out the pond. We are in the process of constructing a hide so that we can watch for animals using the watering hole.

Backfield meadow area:

We have started to construct a pagoda which will become an outdoor learning area and plan to plant up a wildflower meadow to encourage pollinators.

tyre flowers

Produce grown on site by the students has been used in Food technology lessons and also in the school kitchen.