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At Meadows we teach maths in an imaginative way that is tailored to the individual needs of our students. We encourage students to understand the importance of maths in every day life as well as teaching the National Curriculum, which offers students the opportunity to experience many areas of mathematics.

Since a 24 hour curriculum is on offer at Meadows School, students have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular activities around mathematics.

Maths at Meadows

In the mathematics department at Meadows we strive to promote a love and respect for numeracy. This is done through a variety of methods such as offering teaching which encompasses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic means of learning.

Each student is able to work at their own pace, and is offered support and guidance on how to improve their mathematical skills. Bespoke assessments are carried out within a student's first term at Meadows. Students are offered a safe environment in which to learn and make mistakes. High quality teaching, trusting relationships between staff and students and a knowledge that striving to do one’s best is the most important thing means students at Meadows are able to enjoy and grow in confidence in mathematics.

Marking is developmental and purposeful and suggest ways that students can improve - it acts as a learning dialogue between teacher and student. Displayed student works develops a sense of purpose, worth and success within learners. Classroom displays offer mathematical information which encourages student learning.

Maths in everyday life

The mathematics department feels strongly that students need to understand the importance of maths in every day life and, as such, examples from real life or work-related scenarios are used where possible. This enables the students to see where mathematics is an integral part of their future work and social lives. Examples include trips out where students are responsible for purchasing items.

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum offers students the opportunity to experience many areas of mathematics. In Meadows we tailor this so it is appropriate to the needs of individual students, offer extra support to those who find mathematics difficult whilse stretching more able students through challenging work. Students up to the end of Year 8 follow the primary National Curriculum for maths, ensuring solid knowledge and skills sets have developed before studying for qualifications further through the school. For example, students with gaps in their learning are offered a daily maths intervention where they develop their mathematical vocabulary and learn how to use manipulatives and to support them in their learning.

Entry Level maths

Students are offered an opportunity to sit Entry Level mathematics which provides the chance to experience and become confident with areas of maths such as money, time, calendars, measurement and basic data handling and statistics. By offering this course, all students, regardless of their ability become familiar with the breadth of areas covered by the word 'mathematics'. Students complete a portfolio for this course and whilst there are examinations that are applicable to this course, there is the opportunity to structure them in such a manner as to avoid undue stress for the students.

GCSE maths

Students are offered the opportunity to undertake GCSE Maths.

Unit award scheme

Students are also able to experience the Unit Award Scheme which offers the opportunity to experience both practical and abstract mathematics. The practical maths allows the student to experience the application of the theory they have learned in other mathematics lessons. Students get the opportunity to use the school’s computer system so that they become familiar with interactive mathematical websites, offering the students an additional means of stimulating their interest in mathematics.

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1

Students are taught Mathematics in every day contexts and are thereby perpared for the Functional Skills aspect of Mathematics. All colleges offer Functional Skills Mathematics as it has now become an integral part of the majority of courses. Students at Meadows are offered the opportunity to complete Level 1 Functional Skills which means they are in a position to access Level 2 at 16+ or their local college after Meadows.

Cross-Curriculum Link

Mathematics cannot exist in isolation, and in order to reflect this has cross-curriculum links both with subjects in Meadows School and the link school Molo 200 in Kenya. This offers students the opportunity to transfer the skills learned in Mathematics to other areas of their education as well as transferring skills from other subjects to Mathematics. This is essential to aid the development of young people in becoming confident and numerate young adults.

A large majority of students make good progress in mathematics - Ofsted Education Report 2012.