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Key Stage 2

The curriculum for pupils in key stages 2 and 3 allows teachers to focus on filling gaps in pupils' learning that have been accumulated prior to their arrival at the school' (Ofsted Education 2016)

f fish

Meadows has introduced a Key Stage 2 provision on campus over the last few years with brand new classrooms in place for 2017.

It can cater for students aged between 7 and 11 (years 3, 4, 5 and 6).

At Key Stage 2 there is a preference for the learning style of ‘Active Learning’.  Wherever possible, students' curriculum work focuses around their ‘topic’ and termly book, to encourage more interest and real life links between subjects.  Children follow a less structured day than older students, as whilst in KS2 there is no bell to be heard every 40 minutes, this leads to a personalised learning environment where children work through the National Curriculum.  A baseline assessment is conducted for all new pupils to identify gaps in their learning, which are quickly targeted.  Short breaks and supervised ‘free time’ between subject lessons facilitate the development of social skills, independence and learning through curiosity.  Frequent brain breaks also involves lots of physical activity, which thus aids behaviour during the next session.  The KS2 teacher works closely with foundation subject teachers from the main school; these staff members teach the pupils PE, Computing, Art, Design Technology, Outdoor Learning and Food Technology. Wherever possible, links are made to the class topic and book in these subjects.  

guinea pig


Two examples of some of the wonderful poems written by Key Stage 2 students;


Smells like cheese, sweets and popcorn.

Tastes like lemonade, cheese and sweets.

Sounds like my mom saying I can go on my computer.

Fells like hugs, my bed and 30°c baths.

Looks like Xbox games.

November 2015

KS2 student


It smells like smoke, corpses, blood and dead bodies.

It tastes like mud and cold air.

It sounds like gun fire bombs, grenades and AK47.

It feels like pain – you’re going to die.

It lives like Army of Two.

Bravery - Army of Two: Devils Cartel

November 2015

Key Stage 2 Student