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Meadows School has very good information and communication technology (ICT) resources. For our students we provide:

  • standalone PCs
  • laptops
  • a cable and a wireless network - wi-fi is noww enabled throughout the school
  • interactive whiteboards in every classroom, including food technology, art and science
  • networked IT systems to allow communication between staff throughout the school and pupil access to the Internet whenever needed to enhance their learning experience
  • A 'Clevertouch' board with interactive technology

The new Computing curriculum offers students the opportunity to gain programming skills using Scratch, Kodu and Python. They also undertake interactive programming using Microbits to solve practical problems and also gain a knowledge of website development using HTML.  

Regular review of ICT resources

There is a regular review concerning how the school can adapt to new technology.  Sometimes this is driven by curriculum initiatives or developments in the examination process. Meadows School has wireless technology available across the whole campus.

The development of ICT within the school is the responsibility of the ICT Co-ordinator but all staff incorporate planning within their curriculum area to underpin this process. At Key Stage 3 students follow the new Computing curriculum with its three core strands - Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. At Key Stage 4 students can choose Computer Science as a subject option and complete the OCR courses at either Entry Level or GCSE depending on ability.

ICT thoughout the school

All subjects have some ICT related work associated with them and whiteboards are often used in the classrooms, or one of the ICT rooms to progress the work. There is a strong link with art, where graphics are produced in the art room and progressed in the ICT Suite and animations have featured in this process. At the heart of our use of computing within the school is our commitment to promote e-safety. The increased use of smart technologies have a number of inherent dangers and we ensure our young people recognise these and know what actions to take.

The students at Meadows arrive with a variety of ICT knowledge and we tailor our teaching to the needs of individual students in order to to develop skills in a supportive context and to celebrate success in this subject.