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Our Faculty of Humanities offers a diverse curriculum. We encourage students to become active and responsible citizens and also to develop new independent living skills.

We supplement our curriculum through extra-curricular activities and links with other schools and organisations.

Diverse curriculum

The Faculty of Humanities offers subjects such as

  • Citizenship
  • Humanities, Geography, History and Religious education
  • Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

The faculty encourages students to become active and responsible citizens, confident, self-motivated learners and successful, healthy individuals, aware of personal, local, national and global perspectives. The faculty’s collective curriculum is supported and delivered throughout the school, promoting its pupils to feel valued, develop self belief, and maintain positive attitudes and aspirations for their future. Students are enabled to develop their self awareness and consider their roles and responsibilities in both in school and in wider society, as individuals and as part of the global community.

We offer a diverse curriculum that enables students to achieve their potential and to obtain nationally recognised qualifications to prepare them for life after school. Examinations offered at the school include GCSEs in the Humanities and Citizenship.

Independent living skills

The faculty also offers an innovative Independent Living Skills Programme, enabling students to develop new skills and gain credit for the nationally recognised AQA Unit Awards Scheme. These highly accessible qualifications are currently offered in Citizenship, PSHEE and Humanities. To achieve its aspirations the faculty is developing close links with other local schools in the area, including grammar schools, to share learning and best practice across all its subjects.

Activities and links with other organisations and schools

The whole-school approach to subject delivery is enriched by activities designed to challenge, inspire and bring fresh perspectives to students’ thinking. A range of stimulating and thought-provoking learning opportunities are offered. Recent examples include excursions to the Imperial War Museum, the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme, the site of the Battle of Hastings, and environmental projects such as the High Weald Heroes.

Local and national partners

Meadows works with local and national expert partner agencies such as Connexions and KCA to develop specific projects tailored to the learning and development needs of its students. Young Men's and Young Women’s groups, drug awareness campaigns and advisory sessions have all arisen from these partnerships.

Links with schools

Further afield, the faculty benefits from the school’s partnership arrangements with the Molo 220 school in the Rift Valley, Kenya which provides a rich source of opportunities to examine environmental, economic and social issues.