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Food Studies

eating food

The students learn all aspects of life in the kitchen as well as many skills which can be a basis for careers in the catering industry. There is an emphasis on learning basic cooking techniques so that students can use them as a springboard for their own creations. Those who are unfamiliar get to know their way round the kitchen, how to choose the correct equipment and how to be safe around the hob and oven.

Students are encouraged at every turn to improve their communication and ssocialising skills. All food made is evaluated by their peers and staff. We are always looking for ways to develop team work and the busy nature of the kitchen means that everyone has to be aware of each other and considerate of where they are preparing food. They are shown a passion for food that many are happy to embrace, and this gives the students the confidence to experiment, make mistakes and then learn from them.

cooking together

Training to become a catering professional

Students are also taught classic recipes used in restaurants, with the emphasis on fresh ingredients and healthy living. In order to get the experience of what it would be like in the catering industry, students have prepared and served 3-course meals to paying customers for a lunchtime service.

Safety and hygiene are paramount and taught from the very first lesson in Key Stage 2. All students will have the opportunity to prepare for a nationally accredited qualification in Food Safety in Catering Level 2. In addition, from our partnership with the Royal Society for Public Health we will be offering Level 2 Awards in 'Encouraging a Healthy Weight' and  'Healthy Eating' as well as 'Healthier Food and Special Diets'. All these qualifications are better received in the catering industry as they are more specific to the industry's requirements. Food Safety is a standard for handling food in any catering environment, from restuarants to market stalls.


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Food Studies

...In a food technology lesson for Year 10, a student who had progressed well had been promoted to be the teacher's 'sous chef'..(he) was clearly proud of the skills he had learned" Ofsted Education 2012