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Careers preparation

Every student at Meadows receives a weekly careers lesson and advice and information is provided through other subjects, work related learning activities and by a range of school visitors.

We can help students by providing:

  • information on the qualifications and skills required for different careers and jobs.
  • college addresses and information on further education courses
  • information on apprenticeships, vocational tasters and training
  • careers resources and events
  • practice in writing applications and CVs and preparing for interviews
  • advice and information about staying in school or staying on in the Meadows 16+ Centre
  • information on National Insurance, tax and other financial matters

Our careers advice to students

First of all talk things over with the people who know you best. Share your ideas and listen to your family, carers and friends who know your interests. They know your talents and can suggest training & jobs that you’ll be good at doing. You can also talk to any member of staff at Meadows, especially your Unit Staff, the Day Team, your tutor; class Teaching assistant and the Heads of Key Stage 3 and 4. Talk to the Careers Teacher for even more information.


CXK is a charity that helps young people and adults to develop their skills, raise their aspirations and maximise their potential. It aims to provide integrated advice, guidance and access to personal development opportunities. The aim is to help young people make an informed move from school to working life.

Students can use the Careers Room and  talk to the Work Related Learning Co-ordinator, who can tell them about the many opportunities offered locally for work experience and other work related learning.

Letter from an employer

We enjoy having work experience youngsters with us... They can gain confidence in skills such as relating to the public and how to use a till... Many of our work experience youngsters from Meadows School when they first come to us they are very shy and reserved but after a few weeks they are able to communicate and gain confidence... I feel it is a good thing having them with us and we hope they enjoy their time with us. We really value the work they do and it helps us to raise the money for the charity as many hands make light work" -

Extracts from a letter sent by the Assistant Manager Miss Rachel Pearce at the Hospice of Hope, where some of our pupils have undertaken work experience placements.

Comments from students

You get to learn more about a job, how to do it and the names of things you didn’t know (plants).  You learn how to keep track of time, how to help others out and work with people who you didn’t know before but get to know.  You learn how to get somewhere and back on public transport on your own.  I now have more experience and more chance of getting a job" -

MP worked at Coblands Plant Nurseries in Tonbridge

I learnt how to vacuum clean, paint, wash windows and generally help clean and tidy the church.  I learnt how to time keep.  The staff were great and my confidence talking to people increased over the weeks.  I also travelled independently on the bus to get there and back" -

JB worked at Tonbridge Baptist Church helping the caretaker.

'Students enjoy and value the opportunities for work experience and work-related courses' Ofsted 2010