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Art and Design

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Meadows School has a beautiful and well-equipped Art Room. Art and Design is a very popular subject and students have the opportunity to choose this as a GCSE subject. There is also the opportunity to take AS Level in Art and Design.

The curriculum is skills-based, building students' practical knowledge, understanding, confidence and ability. Students learn techniques such as drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture, illustration, ceramics and textiles and incorporate photography into their design and research. Close cross-curricular designs with Design and Technology (D&T) and ICT support students' skills and breadth of understanding in the subject.

Students' work is on display around the school, with displays of levelled, classroom and outdoor curriculum work. Students have a sense of pride and ownership of their work, taking sketch books home to do independent creative study and taking them into reviews to show their parents/carers.

Students explore their own interests through Year 10 coursework, using their developing skills to create a range of outcomes in different disciplines. Pop art, street art and animals are particularly popular topics and are researched through artist reference and gallery visits.

Educational visits are essential to building students' confidence and their progress within Art and Design. A specific visit is arranged for each year group on their curriculum.

The Art Club is well-attended and supports students to develop their GCSE coursework and their enjoyment of subject, working with a variety of specialist staff. There is an 'Artist in Residence' initiative each year.

Ceramics and Textiles are developing specialisms within the school and there are both Textile and Ceramics professionals working with students to support their needs. A large kiln is based in the Art room and a Textile-specific room has recently been updated with new sewing machines, CAD CAM and Photoshop facilities.

The Art and Design department is a place students feel safe, can build confidence and where they are actively encouraged to express themselves through a wide range of different media to achieve outstanding progress.

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