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Meadows School now has a thriving Key Stage 2 department. This is currently in an on-site building but will be moving to 'Meadows Junior School - Ravensdale Campus' in Tunbridge Wells from the beginning of June; click here for more information!

At Key Stage 3 Meadows offers all pupils a very comprehensive curriculum which is organised into a structured day of 8 x 40 minute lessons. Every day starts with either numeracy or literacy and special individual help - coordinated by our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) - is available for those with specific literacy difficulties.

At Key Stage 4 there are opportunities to study for GCSE’s, entry level exams and the AQA Unit Awards. All students are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential and the opportunity to pass nationally accredited exams is a great boost to their confidence.

In September 2010 Meadows School opened a Key Stage 5 department, to allow those aged 16-19 years (Years 12, 13 and 14), the opportunity to attend a supportive, yet adult focused provision. All learners have bespoke and individualised Study Programmes, which take into consideration their aspirations for the future and enable progression, whilst maximising their potential. The Key Stage 5 Curriculum Offer includes English, Maths, Vocational Subjects (BTEC Levels 1-3), courses with Partner Agencies (Colleges), Employability Opportunities and support in the development of Independence and Life Skills.

For more information please visit Meadows 16 plus

Morning school commences and finishes with intensive literacy sessions.

National curriculum

All students have access to an entitlement curriculum including the National Curriculum within a framework that supports individual educational needs. The specific needs of each student are recognised within a Personal Education Plan and Care Plan. They are reviewed at six monthly meetings by education and care staff in partnership with families and students. The SENCo develops and supports individual catch-up programmes where appropriate.

You have designed a curriculum that enables you to provide experiences that are bespoke to each pupil's and student's needs' (Ofsted Education 2016)