London Advocacy

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do I need an independent advocate? Surely that is a social worker’s job!

A. If a child or young person can work with their social worker, then that’s great but sometimes it is better to have someone who is independent to help them think things through. Our advocate is specially trained to work with children and young people to ensure that their wishes and feelings are heard in any decisions that are made about them.

Q. Do I need to ask someone before I can use the service?

A. No. You do not need anyone’s permission to use the service; you can approach us directly. You can also ask someone you trust to contact us if that makes it easier for you.

Q. What is your age limit?

A. We work with children and young people aged 5-24 if required.

Q. How quickly can you help me?

A. We will put you in contact with an advocate soon as possible and certainly within a few days.

Q. Is the service confidential?

A. Yes, we will only share information about you with your consent. The only time we may share information without your consent is if a court orders us to do so, or you or someone else is at serious risk of harm.