LiveChat Confidentiality

What does confidentiality mean?

Confidentiality means not telling anyone else about what you’ve said. It means you can feel safe talking to us about something, asking for information from us or discussing something personal, knowing no one else will find out.

Is Live Chat Confidential?

We always want to keep the conversations we have with you on Livechat confidential, but if we are very worried about your safety because of something you have said, or the safety of someone else, we will talk about whether other people need to know. We would only take action if we felt that it was an emergency and we had no other option. If we are able to, we will talk to you about this beforehand.

We would only need to say or do something if:

Do I have to tell you my name?

No you don’t. We can provide you with information about our services without needing your name. If you want to get in touch with us again, you can give us your real name or a made up name if you want.

If you want us to get in touch with someone to tell them about what is happening to you or if you are a Barnardo’s Service User and you would like the things we discuss to be passed to someone in the team you work with, we will need your real name also.

Do you keep a record of my conversation on Livechat?

We do keep a record of the conversation we have with you on Livechat and this record gets deleted after one year. This is so we can know how many people we have helped on Livechat and to help us improve our work with you and other children.

The record of the conversation does not get passed to anyone else unless you say that you want us to do that. For instance, if you give us your real name and tell us you are a Barnardo’s service user, you might want us to send a copy of our Livechat conversation to the team you work with a Barnardo’s. We will always get your permission before we do this.

Who at Barnardo’s knows what I have asked and talked about?

Your Livechat is confidential between you and the Barnardo’s social worker who is at the other end of Livechat. We keep a record of the chat for one year with you so that we can help give you the information you want from us and can understand your situation better if you contact us again and don’t want to explain everything.

If you want a copy of your Livechat to be passed to a different Barnardo’s team, perhaps because you are an Barnardo’s Service User and you want the team you work with to know what information you would like, we can send a record of the Livechat to them and they can put it on your personal Barnardo’s file.

We will always ask you if you want us to do this.

I’ve got another question about confidentiality…

If you have another question we haven’t answered here, you can ask one of our Barnardo’s social workers on Livechat who will be happy to answer any questions or explain things about confidentiality in more detail with you.