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Volunteer induction

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Please note: If you are viewing this page as a prospective volunteer, the content is provided for your interest only and does not represent confirmation of a Barnardo's volunteering role.

Welcome to your volunteering role with Barnardo’s! Whatever your role is, we hope that you will really enjoy and benefit from your time with us.

This site aims to provide you with the information you will need during your time as a volunteer. It contains information about Barnardo’s, our policies and procedures and your role volunteering with us. Because we have so many different volunteering roles however, it cannot include all the information you may need. Many of the topics, as well as additional local information, will be covered in more detail during your induction training.

If you have any questions about the contents of this site as you work through it, please discuss these with your manager.

What will your induction look like?

'Induction is the process of receiving and welcoming new starters when they first join a company and giving them the basic information they need to settle down quickly and happily and start work.'

Armstrong, M (2009)
Handbook of human resource management
Kogan Page: London

The structure of your volunteer induction can be seen below and to your left on the navigation:

  1. About your induction
  2. Barnardo's IT systems
  3. About Barnardo's
  4. Volunteering for Barnardo's
  5. Volunteering Policies and Procedures
  6. Learning & Development
  7. Information for Children's Services Volunteers (for children's services volunteers only)
  8. Further organisational information

Your line manager will support you in working through your induction and advise you on which aspects are relevant to your role.

Barnardo's and Volunteering: Policy Statement

Volunteers bring a diversity of skills, experience, community knowledge, service opportunities and funds to Barnardo’s. Volunteers increase public understanding of our work and challenge our thinking about the organisation. Volunteers themselves gain experience which enhances training and work opportunities, develops potential, increases self-reliance and underpins a sense of worth.

Volunteers perform essential, supportive and complementary tasks to those undertaken by paid employers. Their role is an enriching one.

Volunteers share our concern and understanding. Barnardo’s values volunteering because everybody – the users of our projects, staff and volunteers – benefit.