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Information for managers

This section is for managers of new starters.

As a manager, you have overall responsibility for your new starter's induction. In addition, the term 'on-boarding' is now frequently used to emphasise that induction is more than simply ensuring that the new starter has been given lots of information about their job and the organisation, and has completed mandatory training (although that is very important). On-boarding is also about making your new starter feel welcome and fully engaged with their new work, their new team and with Barnardo's as soon as possible.

These pages are designed to help you to provide your new starter with an excellent induction and on-boarding experience.  The pages are currently under development and should be fully completed in June 2016.


For their on-line induction, this is the sequence that the new starter should follow:

  1. starter receives invite letter from the Chief Executive sent via recruiting team,
  2. prior to beginning employment, starter visits Barnardo's induction microsite or requests offline documentation from yourself if they are unable to access the microsite,
  3. from their first day, starter works through the remainder of the induction site / offline workbook and associated departmental or local items, supported by yourself,
  4. all new starters are required to complete the following five mandatory induction courses (also referred to as Required Learning) within two weeks of their start date: Data Protection, Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, Introduction to IT and Safeguarding.  Staff working in Children's Services are required to complete the Information Sharing course within one month of starting.

To support you through this process, the following documents are available:

Supporting documents

Managers' guidance for Required Learning

The Required Learning Grid (May 2016) provides an overview of the required learning courses, how to access them and timelines for completion. Your new starter is directed to complete these courses when they work through the induction microsite, but please remind on the first day of their employment.

Reporting available to track required learning

Information is also available on External link iconhow to track whether your new starter has completed all the required learning during induction (PDF). This includes details of the compliance data available and who to contact within the organsation to obtain this information for your new starters.

Managers' checklists

The Managers' Checklist details all the required elements of induction to ensure that these are covered by your new starter.

Two versions are available:

  1. Manager checklist for a new member of staff
  2. Manager checklist for new volunteers

Induction for offline starters

As not all staff  within Barnardo's has access to a Barnardo's PC please ask your local People Team for the off-line version of the Staff Handbook.

The Staff Offline Induction Handbook should be complemented with supporting documents. These are available for download here:

Some documents are only applicable to certain roles or locations. Where this is the case you should only provide the relevant documentation.

For volunteers

You will find all the information you need to support volunteer induction, including printable Induction Handbooks, in the volunteers section of the Policies pages on b-hive. Please note that there are separate handbooks, depending on the area of Barnardo's in which the volunteer is working,