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Induction for New Managers

Your role as a manager is vital to the work of Barnardo's. You need to plan the work of your team, recruit and retain staff, plan for and manage change, monitor the quality of work and provide learning and development opportunities for your team. You may also need to manage a budget.  As a new manager, the information on these pages is designed to help you to undertake your new management duties effectively. Please note that the information provided here is in addition to the other elements of our on-line induction, which should be completed in full.

As a new manager with Barnardo's, your line manager will support you in your first few days and weeks in your new role as part of your induction.  However, as a manager, we will also expect you to personal responsibility for your own learning. These pages will help you by signposting you to where you can get further information, but it's important to be proactive. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for help if you need it!

Your responsibilities will vary according to your role, seniority and the service that you are working in. However, in summary these are:

- managing performance

- managing and developing your team

- managing health, safety and well being, including sickness absence

- managing resources

- managing change

- managing in ways consistent with Barnardo's Basis and Values

and, depending on your role, you may also have important responsibilities for managing volunteers.

You will find it useful to make early connections with a range of key contacts, as well as your immediate team. For example:

- your local People Team

- your local Health and Safety Adviser

- your Information Services Business Relationship Manager

- your local Finance Team (if a budget holder)

- any team members who work remotely

- other specialist contacts, including external, depending on their role

These pages are currently under development and will become fully operational during May 2016.