Hampshire Specialist Parenting Support Service

The Parent Factor for ADHD

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What is the "Parent Factor for ADHD"?

  • A programme for parents / carers with a child who has received a formal diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • You will receive 9 group sessions, as below. You will be asked to complete pre and post programme assessments in order to measure the value of our service.
  • This programme offers parents and carers the opportunity and support to strengthen skills and strategies for parenting a child with this diagnosis.
  • Parenting support covers a range of issues including behavioural strategies, understanding how ADHD affects child development and problem solving skills.
  • The programme is reflective. It provides materials to take home and use as a practical guide.

How is the programme structured?

10 sessions consisting of:

Pre-programme assessment

9 group sessions. Scheduled each week as follows:

Week 1: Introduction and an overview of the programme.

Week 2: Understanding ADHD and how it can be treated.

Week 3: Strategies for coping with inattention and increasing independence.

Week 4: Parenting styles and their impact.

Week 5: Effective communication.

Week 6: Who am I? The importance of feelings.

Week 7: Your rights within the education system.

Week 8: Attention seeking and responding.

Week 9: Post-programme assessment and evaluation.

What are the benefits of this programme?

  • As the programme is engaging and reflective you will take away strengthened skills and strategies to support you well into the future.
  • You will gain in-depth insight into ADHD and how this may affect the development of your child
  • The programme will help you to understand your child better and make it easier to see things from their perspective, which in turn will support your parenting strategies.
  • Sharing experiences with parents who also have children with ADHD can help you develop and share ideas.

What do parents say about the programme?

I've understood more in this group than I have in a whole lifetime.

Really helpful. Thank you.

Helpful, interesting and I'm picking up lots of tips.

I enjoyed sharing ideas and group problem solving.

Every week has been very interesting and informative.

Not only has this made me realise why my son is so frustrated, I now reflect further on my parenting, communicating and listening.

You've given me lots of examples and ideas to take away - brilliant!

Discussing ideas with everyone has helped, knowing I'm not the only one.

Self-esteem is a big thing for my son and these extra tips will really help me to help him.