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Student Views and Blog Posts

The students at the school asked if they could have a way to publish their thoughts about the school.  This page will get updated from time to time with new entires and blog posts giving you a flavour of the school from a different persective.

Hi, I’m Robyn. I go to Barnardos High Close School and I’m here to tell you want it’s like to be autistic and how this school helps me.  Here’s a little summary of me.

Year Group: Year 8

Gender: Female

Unit: Willows

I board weekly in the unit Willows there are 2 other units, Pinewood and Ceders - I may have spelt it a little wrong but anyway life at High Close is a little hard but mostly good. Oh, I forgot to mention Redwood the day unit, the others are boarding units. If any of you have ever seen a school website it always has some basic stuff but you never see the opinion of the young people who actually stay here and go to school and are put in difficult situations every day. Like today, I had an incident were I lost my temper with one of the staff members, and had a serious – or other people call it a generally bad day to be honest!  School is OK as well, it’s not the worst thing in the world to board weekly. Your parents can phone and visit and the staff generally try and make it feel as homely as possible.  The lessons are good, you learn stuff and you learn about maybe 5 different topics a term. By ‘different’ I mean things you haven’t learnt before, because obviously they don’t sink in the first time.  But the lessons are still good we have 2 assemblies a week one on Tuesday one on Friday to give out awards #2toomany!

I bet most you want to know what lessons there are as well. There is Drama, Maths #booooo, Art, DT, Food Tech, English, Science, Humanities and that’s just some of the year 8 classes I don’t even want to know what the others ones are but trust me it’s a nice school. It seems big at first but it’s actually quite small and you learn your way around quickly. There are some nice parks around if you board we also get pocket money, weekly and savings and supper/pudding. Anyway, I think that’s enough this week, see you next week!