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Serving the School

Additional Responsibilities at School

At High Close we have a School Council made up of pupils voted in by their peers and pupils can also earn Prefect status.

School Council

We are keen for the student body to have a voice within the school and we therefore created a school council.

The school council contains representatives from each unit, voted for by their peers and they meet once every half term to talk about developments within the school and any issues that have been brought up by the member of their unit. It is the representative’s responsibility to ensure the views of other pupils are collected and then communicated in the meeting.

At each meeting different topics are discussed. These have included:

  • Bullying
  • School uniform
  • Trips
  • The use of computers in school
  • Ideas for fundraising events


We encourage all our young people to do their best and believe an exceptional attitude should be recognised. As a result, we have introduced Prefect Status which pupil’s can work towards. We have both School Prefects and Unit Prefects and pupils can be either or both. These honours are decided by staff. Pupil’s can earn Prefect status through consistent effort and determination. Prefects are expected to act as role models to other pupils and are given additional responsibilities and certain privileges.

There are several opportunities for pupils to take on extra responsibility or develop themselves and their team work skills through extra-curricular activities.

Links with the Community

At High Close School we have developed some strong links with our community. As well as pupils attending local colleges, students are involved in various volunteering and visit nursing homes for the elderly. They also frequently take part in fundraising activities.


At High Close we think it is important to help those around us and we greatly enjoy our fundraising events. These include:

  • Holding a MacMillan coffee morning once a year
  • Sport Relief activities such as sponsored Zumba and a football tournament
  • Holding sponsored events for cancer charities
  • Fundraising for an orphanage in Goa organised by the young people from High Close going on the trip
  • Pupils from High Close helping at the Barnardos Big Toddle event arranged to raise money for disadvantaged children under 5
  • Pupils involved in the Young Enterprise holding a Christmas bazaar, selling wares they have made in aid of local animal rescue centres

Young people are often keen to fundraise independently and, with the help of her key worker, one pupil recently took part in the 5km Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research. Residential staff are in a strong position to help pupils fulfil ambitions outside school.

Serving the Local Community

As well as fundraising, we are keen to build links with our local community. The choir regularly visits care homes to entertain and talk with the residents, and pupils in Key Stage 4 volunteer at a local animal rescue centre and charity shops.

John Nike, the local ice-skating and ski centre has been instrumental in pupils developing the ski skills prior to trips abroad and some young people have returned to the centre as volunteers.

Christian Bikers’ Toy Run

High Close School is lucky enough to receive considerable support from the local community. Most notably, each year in December more than 3000 Christian Bikers descend on us in fancy dress and laden with gifts for the young people and other local charities. The students can get presents for their family and friends from these donations using their High Close ‘money’ earned through the reward system. This visit is a great tool for teaching our pupils about generosity and being helpful, as many of them come to watch the spectacle but also lend themselves to the hospitality team, serving drinks and cake to the bikers as they arrive.