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Our team of teachers, learning support assistants (LSAs) and residential project workers (RPWs) are fully trained and work hard to meet the needs of each pupil. Every pupil has a key worker from within their unit team and there is a highly skilled teacher and an LSA in every lesson.

Education Staff

Teachers differentiate all work to meet the individual needs of pupils and work hard to make lessons interesting. LSAs work closely with the teachers to support students in doing their best work. Where a need has been established, students also have additional support within the classroom. The teachers and support staff are encouraged to develop their skills and are supported through Continuous Professional Development.

We have a transition worker who supports young people and their families in applying for their next placement after High Close.

Residential Project Workers

Residential Project Workers (RPWs) work with young people who are placed within the units they support the young people in enhancing and developing appropriate social skills to support them in managing their interactions with others. Staff complete Diplomas in relevant qualification and receive extensive training to enable them to support the young people’s complex needs. RPW’s provide a support to parents and carers through regular contact and work with relevant external professionals to ensure consistency for the young people. Residential units also provide an Independence Programme to support young people with their transition into adult life


Our governors are responsible for determining, monitoring and reviewing the broad policies, plans and procedures which operate within the school.

The governing body consists of a chairperson, a vice chair and governors formed from teaching, non-teaching and care representatives as well as parents and representatives from the local community.

Specialist Staff

High Close recognises that difficult life experiences like parental separation, isolation, poor self-esteem, difficulty with reading and writing and bereavement, coupled with other diagnoses like Autism, ADHD, Communication Difficulties and sensory issues (or many other combinations) need sensitive and active management. We therefore take a therapeutic approach to the young person.

All young people have access to a range of specialist support including a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Dyslexia Specialist, Psychotherapist, Behavioural Cognitive Therapist, Counsellors and an Educational Psychologist; all of whom have dedicated rooms. The therapists work and communicate with staff to ensure they understand the needs of the young people in their care and incorporate their recommendations into day to day life at High Close. With the varying needs of our young people we are always looking to extend our repertoire of therapeutic support.

Lily, our learning dog, helps pupils with their reading skills throughout the school and especially in Primary where Lily is based with her owner.

Field Social Work

In addition to the teaching and care staff, we have a team of qualified field social workers who work tirelessly for our pupils and offer various support to parents and families. High Close provides a unique service to its leavers. We employ an aftercare field social worker who works with each young person and their family throughout year 11, helping them plan life in their home communities both now and in the future.