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Pupils are exceptionally engaged in learning in lessons (considering the disruptions to their education and lives that they have previously experienced). Ofsted January 2013

The pupils at High Close come to us with many different experiences of education and from many differing backgrounds. We aim to give them an experience that will make them happy and successful.

Pupils at High Close are proud of their school and visitors remark on the calm and settled atmosphere.

High Close focuses on the individual and much time and thought is given to each child, developing and supporting them on their educational and social journey here.

We aim to give each individual a voice and a chance to express themselves through education, activities, therapy, sport, Drama and bespoke learning programmes.

High Close firmly believes that every pupil is entitled to the very best that we can provide, be they a day or a residential pupil. Our outcomes for young people are excellent and we are never complacent, always looking for new opportunities to support young people.