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School community

The management and organisation of the residential provision is outstanding. The whole school approach means that all the different parts of the school run smoothly together and residential pupils are extremely well cared for and fully supported in all respects. Ofsted March 2015

Everyone works together to create a friendly, supportive and challenging learning environment.

Our school community encompasses everyone who is, or has been, involved in the school, including our Field Social Work team, governors, non-teaching staff, parents and carers  as well as former pupils.


High Close School has very focussed senior leadership who are all excited about the school and what it has to offer pupils both now and in the future. As well as teaching and non-teaching staff, the school has recognised the need for specialist staff and consultants to meet the varying and often complex needs of young people.

All our staff are enthusiastic and strive to be innovative in their approach to helping young people achieve. We see ourselves as a whole campus team, working together on a common goal. High Close is a community and all the staff contribute positively to the running of the school.

We have a large team of dedicated staff working to ensure the effective running of the school. This includes senior management, specialist staff, teachers and the residential project team, as well as administrative and domestic staff.

Download a full breakdown of the school staff hierarchy

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior LeadershipTeam is made up of:

  • Principal - Mark Shears
  • Acting Deputy Principal - Wendy Gosling
  • Leader for Care (Behaviour) - Wayne Grey
  • Leader for Care (HR) - Natalie Potter
  • Bursar - Michelle Mackie

The experience this team has amassed during their careers has uniquely equipped them to lead High Close School in its pursuit of the very best for every pupil. They play an important role in maintaining the high standards the school has set itself by leading and enthusing staff  members and keeping them focussed. Training needs are met and exceeded, and teachers are encouraged to share best practice and, working together with their learning support assistants, maintain a forward-thinking, professional environment, striving always to improve.