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Admissions and referrals

High Close School takes in young people who have been unable to succeed in mainstream school and have statements of special educational needs arising from emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We take in young people from a wide geographical area that serves more than 20 local authorities.

All admissions and referrals are subject to:

  • Availability of space
  • Statement of special educational needs
  • Support of the local education authority or Social Services Department making the referral
  • Active support and participation from the parent or carer
  • A belief that we can help the young person and that they themselves wish to attend the school.

Referrals are usually initiated by the Education Department or the Social Services Department of the Local Authority seeking a placement. Parents are welcome to visit with independent supporters or Local Authority officers before papers are submitted.

For a pupil to be considered the Senior Leadership Team need to receive the following documentation:

  • The Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • Recent Educational Psychologist reports
  • Current levels of educational attainment (SATS, standardised tests)
  • Most recent education report
  • Social history of the young person, including family composition and ethnic data
  • Any relevant Social Services involvement
  • Medical conditions and the need for any specific input
  • Details and description of any relevant behaviour patterns

Arrangements can be made for a taster visit or sleep over before a probationary period of 6 weeks begins.

For more information about our admissions and referrals policies, please download:

Or please feel free to contact us.